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Community Engagement

The community is the reason why non-profits, government, corporates, associations, and virtually any other organisation actually exist. They are all formed to serve the needs of the community, be it for or not for profit all organisations would strive to be the best in the community. Therefore engaging the community in your organisation’s activities is by far the best thing you can do for your organisation’s success.

Because communities are slightly different, there are also different ways to engage with them also depending on your organisation’s objectives and goals. Using three basic concepts, you can show the community what the issues are, what you are trying to do about the issues, and how they join your army to make their community a better place. Through writing informative, analytical and educative content, through public speaking about the issues in the community, and through one-on-one conversions you can cement and promote your relationship with the community.

With the advent of the internet, and social media, your writing, your speeches, and one-on-one or word of the mouth conversations about your mission, can be amplified exponentially creating a rippling impact.

With your team, we can develop a community engagement plan, strategizing on creative approaches to engage your audience, popularise your mission, projects or activities. Could be through a creative engaging data driven tool, analytical research on community issues or a project, community opinion surveys, educative infographics, audio-video, campaigns, presentations, web experiences, among others, whatever it is, we can help you persuade your audiences to action. 

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