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You may say you already so busy with projects, programmes and many other tasks at your hands, but if well thought and done well, an E-Newsletter can be a treasured asset for your organisation. Whether it is a non profit, or for profit, small or big organisation, an e-newsletter can go miles in building your reputation, fundraising, rallying volunteers and supporters. For profit organisation can get new customers, keep old ones and build strong reputable brands.

Following best practices the benefits of an e-newsletter can be overwhelming;

Effective Communication: As a written means of communication, newsletters keep your organisations' objectives and goals, products and services, and core values top of the mind conveying specific messages to many people in your audiences quickly and efficiently, sometimes with instant feedback, helping you make a personal connection with your customers and prospective ones.

Brand Recognition & Loyalty: Your new products and services, projects and programmes and activities can get more exposure tempting prospective customers, partners, and for NGOs, volunteers and supporters as well as grant leads. With an  informative newsletter, you help your customers or audiences build brand preference to your organisations' products and services increasing brand loyalty. With valuable information and insights, many will be looking out for your next newsletter, and may increase your chances for earned media and PR

Improve Website Traffic:  With links to your website in your newsletters, readers will always want to learn more about your content thus increasing traffic. This also promotes search engine optimisation improving your visibility in search engines for future visitors to easily find your products, services, projects and activities. 

In a nutshell newsletters will help in enhancing your organisation’s reputation and increasing publicity and leads, it can serve as a positive reinforcement to the media, provides instantaneous trackable results, and leverages marketing efforts among others.

A regular update on the activities, testimonials, achievements, prospects, insights, accountability, news, new products and services, and other information from your organisation, will go a long way in promoting your corporate image and popularise you within the public.

The e-newsletter can be emailed to mailing lists of your members, media houses, and even popular online and social media communities in Uganda.  It will also promote the website as readers will want details from it that of course has to be on the website.

Contact Us for a detailed proposal and strategy for your e-newsletter campaigns.

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