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Earned Media & PR

Get Earned Media

New studies have found that earned media is the most trusted source of information in all societies and that earned media is the channel most likely to persuade the consumer or audience to action.

Our world has become so “media centric” that you can’t afford to ignore this opportunity to popularise what you do. There are several creative ways to get attention and “coverage” in the professional media, which may not require you spending. This is called “earned professional media” it could be a news story, or be a privileged guest on a program or show, for something interesting and “news worthy” that you have done.

But in this dotcom era, where do journalists look first for information about you? Your guess is as good as mine, it most likely is going to be Google which then takes them to your website. Therefore a website designed to attract journalists and site visitors will increase your organization’s press coverage.

We understand which Information journalists want on websites and the format in which they expect to get it. We help you get inside the heads of journalists, understand their needs and their reactions to PR content and websites.

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