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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An enterprise has many departments each with different functions and operations. From production, logistics, HR, accounting and finance, sales, customer relationship management, procurement, distribution among others. Operating all departments manually or separately has inherent challenges that reduce enterprise growth in profits, repute, and even internal success. An ERP seeks to integrate all functions of an enterprise to collect, store, manage or automate operations, interpret, and share data and reports to furnish informed decision making across the enterprise.

Specifically, with modern ERP systems you can;

Customer Relationship Management (CRM);

Boost sales, improve winning rates, create polished quotes and invoices and proposals, lead automation, live chat with customers, carryout high quality insight surveys, offer touchscreen point of sale

Project Management;

Collaboratively get work done in realtime, keeping track of tasks


Manage contracts, recurring invoices and timesheets, to get paid faster


Manage book keeping, and expenses from ensuring accurate information from all operations

Warehouse Management;

Manage single or double-entry inventory


Plan, track and manage materials, and manufacturing operations

Human Resource Management;

Store and update employee information, teams share knowledge and information, streamline recruitment, track applicants, index and search resumes, track employee expenses, set-up appraisal management, payroll management, fleet management, among others.

Business Intelligence; 

Use data driven insights to make important decisions across the enterprise, teams can discuss and communicate efficiently on all resources, to-do lists, boost engagement, promote core values and objectives, challenge and reward your employees, instant messaging among others.

To learn more about how you can automate your business operations across the enterprise, contact us for a detailed proposal, demo and or presentation. 

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