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Intranet & Extranet Solutions

Miscommunication! Missed deadlines! An unorganized team costs a lot! In an organisation or company, employees usually work together to get the organisations’ operations done. Usually these operations are interlinked each requiring input from one, two or three employees. Intranets seek to automate and enhance collaboration and communication among teams or groups within the organisation. Sharing common resources like client contact information for follow up, invoicing, support, project management and collaboration. With appropriate access limits, extranets on the other hand bring partners like suppliers, clients and associates on board. 

Intranets are especially important for organisation with employees 10 upwards. Modern intranets will enable your organisation to;

Human Resource Management;

Directory: establish an searchable employee directory featuring profiles, contacts and other relevant information, broadcast instant announcements to groups of your team, view staff changes, absence charts, time tracking, efficiency reports, honoured employees, birthdays, orientation for new employees, visualise organisation structure, payroll management among others.


  • with the extranet module, your staff can do confidential communications with suppliers, clients, partners and other external associates in a secure environment,
  • absence charts to avoid miss-scheduling,
  • resource reservations for say meeting rooms, vans and others,
  • inhouse public opinions and feedback especially on issues affecting daily operations could see innovative suggestions come in,
  • document management and sharing,
  • create inhouse workgroups for particular functions,
  • managing and sharing calendars for efficient coordination of employee activities,
  • internal service request forms for office supplies, courier, visitor passes, deliveries and other requests,
  • employees can auto-generate reports like efficiency reports, won deals, tasks pending, leads among others,
  • idea management where employees can suggest ideas to improve operations and colleagues can evaluate the idea,
  • meetings and briefings module to shorten preparation time, sets the agendas, recording of minutes, and decisions reached in meetings, archive minutes and retrieve unfinished tasks from previous meeting, participants receive notifications with details attached, and many more collaboration features.


  • activity streams, announcements, instant messaging, video chat, channeled notifications among others.

Task Management

Time Management

Business Process Management

Customer Relationship Management

E-Learning for Employees

HelpDesk Services, for both Clients and Employees

Records Management

Among others


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