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Membership Management

For many associations, clubs, non-profits, your network of members defines whether your organisation moves on or stalls. Therefore proper management of membership is a key success factor in the non-profit world. Online features can guarantee good control of current members and improve convenience for new member applications be it free or paid.

You can attract and grow membership numbers, acquire and retain them with several self-service options, increase member engagement online through updates, forums, events etc. and empower them with new opportunities to improve member satisfaction and grow revenues.

This solution can be a combination of features like, membership management, event management, communications management, emails & enewsletters, customer service, event registration and tracking, recurring payments management, and website management.

Specifically you can;

  • Add, edit, and delete member information in your database.
  • You can create, renew, downgrade, and upgrade memberships on request.
  • Two-way communications to members by SMS, email, social media, telephone or post.
  • Create or organise events, sell tickets to events or a series of events.
  • Publish and deliver engaging text or audio-visual content.
  • Offer advertising prospects via listings and or targeted placements.
  • Simplify interaction and collaborative information and file sharing between members.
  • Track members' motivations, needs and interests and activity to provide relevant services and increase supplementary income from member donations.
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