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Offer Convenience to Customers

Offer Convenience to Customers

We all like convenience and research shows many will pay an extra for convenience i.e. if they trust you or the quality of your products and services. With trust available between you and your client, then maybe they don’t actually need to be at your store to buy an item. They can just order it online either on their PC or mobile phone and you deliver it (your delivery van and yes a boda boda you trust also can) and they pay on delivery.

Non-profits, clubs, and other membership organisations can also use this concept to sell their high margin branded items like T-Shirts, bags, cups, etc to optimise revenue as another way for their members and well-wishers to donate.

Depending on your specific requirements here, we discuss with your team on what we are to do, how long it takes and how much it will cost. So please contact us to learn more about this solution.

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