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The new developer is more professional. He has asked for the German package in a word format, as i check our correspondences as far as i can see all the ones you have sent us are in pdf format, kindly send us the word format. I feel more confident with this Web guy.
~ Semwezi  ~ Mega Safaris -- After dropping a frustrating web company 

Dear Abdul,

The quote has been received. Please proceed. Will see how to handle as usual. Thanks for making us happy customers.

~ Arthur Makara ~ SCIFODE Foundation 

Guys, thanks this is great work. Much appreciation. Abdul are sure your a ugandan? This is splendid work indeed. We just have to iron out some small things and shall be there....

~ Paul Tenya ~  Belinda International

Hi Stephen,

This is great. The basic architecture looks very nice. My only responses are to the suggestions below.  ...

Randy Hansen  Senior Program Manager National Center for State Courts 

This is to acknowledge that M/S ELMOT LIMITED P.O. Box 595 Kampala, Uganda, has successfully designed, developed and deployed the UNBS Web Portal as at www.unbs.go.ug . We worked collaboratively with the Elmot team to continuously improve initial designs and are satisfied with the final design and information layout of the portal.

We therefore highly recommend Elmot Limited to handle similar projects.

~ Keith Muzani Assisstant ICT Manager Uganda National Bureau of Standards ~

This is certify that ELMOT LTD successfully designed, developed and deployed the Jinja Municipal Council Web Portal to our satisfaction. Elmot Ltd is also hosting and maintaining the web portal, the domain and emails and we have not experienced any down time that is due to Elmot’s system failure. They also trained staff to manage the portal with simple regular updates to our audiences.

We are very satisfied with their professional and timely delivery of services and would gladly recommend their consultancy services to anyone. 

~ Rajab Kitto Public Relations Officer Jinja Municipal Council ~


I confirm that National Medical Stores (NMS) hired Elmot Limited to re-design our web portal. They have done an excellent job in the areas of website design and engineering, information architecture, database optimization and deployment, all following best practices. With their work, we expect major success on our web portal as we continue to serve our clients.

I can confidently recommend Elmot Limited as a solid and reliable service provider, and experts in their field. 

~ Stephen Kisuze MIS Manager National Medical Stores ~

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