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Social Media Solutions

Just almost overnight, social media has changed governments, influenced policy changes, improved organisation reputations, changed start-ups into multi-million businesses and the list can go on. Whatever your organisation does, whatever its size,  harnessing the power of social media is something you don’t want to overlook. But key here how you are going to do so. As you already know, chance favours the prepared mind, you will therefore need more than just posting a message on your twitter handle, or facebook page. A strategy or plan to harness the enormous capabilities of social media will be a strong foundation to start with.

For example people post and tweet all types of tweets including looking for advice, products and services, meaning you can find who is looking for what you offer around your area. But how are you going to find them from the billions of posts per day? How are you going to turn your twitter and facebook followers into loyal customers?

Through the social media strategy, we set goals and objectives, discover your audiences, brainstorm on engaging tactics, identify result oriented tools, metrics and measurement, develop a content plan, define resources, performance guidelines and training, and set best practices for ongoing management and beyond.

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