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Who needs Content Strategy?

Great content Meets users’ needs and supports key business objectives. It engages and informs. It’s well-written and intuitively organized. It keeps people coming back for more.

If that is what your organisation wants, then you need a content strategy for your website. Ideally every organisation that interacts or engages with any audiences, needs to define a clear roadmap of, what, why, how, where and whom it interacts with its audiences. Small organisations/companies may quickly overlook the necessity of this feature, but if you are going to see the growth you want, you might want to consider a content strategy as another vehicle to growth.

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Our team of content strategists has a wide skillset including, information architecture, corporate communication, data science, programming, copy writing, project management, advertising among others. Contact us for details on how we can help you develop a comprehensive result oriented content strategy. Contact Us

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Content Strategy: How?

 Web Content Strategy: How To

At the very center is the core content strategy. Which defines how an organization

(or project) will use content to achieve its objectives and meet its audiences’ needs.

The core strategy informs what the content will be and how it will be structured:


What kinds of content do we need (topics, types, sources, etc.)? What messages does content need to communicate to our audience? This also involves understanding your audiences through creating personas and their experiences.


How is content prioritized, organized, formatted, and displayed? (Structure can include Information Architecture, metadata, data modeling, linking strategies, etc.)

The core content strategy also informs how people (specifically content owners and overseers) will help drive the content lifecycle:


What processes, tools, and human resources are required for content initiatives to launch successfully and maintain ongoing quality?


How are key decisions about content and content strategy made? How are changes initiated and communicated? 

CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tones)

CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tones)

We Develop & Manage CRBT Content Provider portals: Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is a special feature through which the calling party can hear a song or music instead of the default "ring ring" tone. CRBT serves as a mechanism for the subscribers to make a statement of their personality, mood, character or nature by playing a suitable music or sound.

Content Strategy

Does your web content or information bore your web visitor? For starters, do you even know what visitors think about your content?  Did you know that if you gave your audiences, the information or content that matters to them, they would be interested in knowing content or information that matters to you? It’s just like women and love, you show her your love and affection, she is going to love you back whole heartedly. Don’t you love to be loved by your target audiences? Of course, you do, then love them first by delivering to them what they love most.

Good content is magnetic, it educates (makes people smarter), entertains or even amazes your audience because it starts with a focus on them, looks out for their interests, not you.

Content Strategy is credible, trustworthy, transparent content that enhances the organization’s strategic goals.

1 Today, Content Strategy in organizations focuses on how for-profit, non-profit and government enterprises use stories and smart-data to get important information to specific internal and external individuals and audiences.

2 These organizations know that the people they must reach have less and less time, but will pay attention to content if it is “credible, trustworthy and transparent” and if it enhances their ability to make important decisions in their work and personal lives. At the same time it advances the organizations’ strategic goals.

 What Content Strategy Does:

Defines how you’re going to use content to meet your business (or project) goals and satisfy your audiences’ needs.

Guides decisions about content throughout its lifecycle, from discovery to deletion.

Sets benchmarks against which to measure the success of your content

In summary: Content strategy guides or acts as roadmap for your plans for the creation/discovery, processing, delivery, and governance of content.

Content Strategy helps us find ways to better understand all aspects of our content, which means we can make smarter, more informed decisions about how we’re going to select and execute our tactics.

Why You Need a Web Content Strategy

The more you give people the content/information they want, the more time they spend on content that matters to you.

There is a rapidly rising tidal wave of information and it will continue to rise forever. Is your any different to that offered by the competition? People have a great deal of content or information to choose from, yours better be their choice.

Everyone you want to reach has 1440 minutes in their day; not one minute more, and most of that time is already used up with essentials such as eating, sleeping, working spending time with people you care about, etc. That means that there is ferocious competition for people’s precious, limited time.

The world is becoming ever more complicated, but people will give you their time and attention if you give them more of what they want.

Your audience will only pay attention to content if it is engaging, convenient and in a form that works for them; where, when, and how they want it.

Nature has always been a give and take affair, from respect, trade through love, to everything we do in life. Therefore, people aren’t going to waste their valuable time on content that is about you and not them, meaning you have to repurpose your content focus on them.

Ready to give it a try?

Our team of content strategists has a wide skillset including, information architecture, corporate communication, data science, programming, copy writing, project management, advertising among others. Contact us for details on how we can help you develop a comprehensive result oriented content strategy. Contact Us


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