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ITD Saveme

Lost your data!!, formatted your disk unintentionally!! Get back to your feet well and quick.

Just contact us to recover your lost data.

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ITD Corporate

This includes among others;

ITD Startup

This includes, procurement, installation, networking of a small affordable Local Area Network (LAN) of at least 3 computers for starting up your ICT needs. It is in three categories depending on your needs and affordability.

Pentium III Processor, 40 GB Hard Drive, 800MHz speed, 256MB of RAM Software: Silver with Genuine software including (operating system, office 2007/2003 multimedia, anti virus et.c = 2,439,600

Pentium IV Processor, 80 GB Hard Drive, 2.6GHz speed, 512MB of RAM. Branded PC. Gold with genuine software = 4,977,600

Duo Core 2 Processor, 120 GB Hard Drive with 4MB of cache memory, 3.2GHz speed, 512MB of RAM. Platinum with genuine software = 9,297,600

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ITD Value Plus

This solution entails servicing and maintenance which include among others the following: 

  • Physical cleaning of the equipment,
  • Virus scanning,
  • Hard disk cleanup,
  • Startup optimisation,
  • Updating antivirus,
  • Registry cleaning,
  • Installation of windows updates.

It also includes: 
  • Network diagnosis to check for and avoid packet collisions, and make the network fast.
  • Data backup on a different media e.g. DVD, external drives, etc.
  • Hardware testing; i.e. aging, memory tests etc.
  • Upgrading Securing the system Firewall checkup to determine its integrity.

NB: Costs of hardware and software that are faulty for reasons not associated with Elmot staff will be at your expense. We shall pay a fortnightly check of your system to make sure it’s up and running and avert any harmful situations that may occur without your knowledge. All this for a cost starting at only 100,000 shs per month payable at least quarterly.

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