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A Leading ICT Solutions Provider.

Elmot Ltd is a leading ICT Consultancy and custom software application provider. Elmot offers reliable and innovative solutions to Government, NGOs, SMEs and large Private organizations. With operations in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan Elmot provides Web Design, Web Hosting, Domains, custom software applications, IT Support, Mobile Solutions and IT Products to clients across the region. Elmot, a trusted, people oriented company, provides conducive work-environment and opportunity to lead & grow.

Brilliant Web Design

At Elmot we pride ourselves in producing brilliant websites that give your organisation a responsive online presence. Using the latest technologies, we give you a new brand online. read more

Reliable IT Support

Reliable IT Support

Today, the need to remain constantly connected to customers, sales people and management is becoming a norm.

. read more

Client of the day

Belinda International

Web Design

Guys, thanks this is great work. Much appreciation. Abdul are sure your a ugandan? This is splendid work indeed. We just have to iron out some small tthings andshall be there....

~ Paul Tenya ~ 
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Our principal goal is to offer a real alliance with client satisfaction, serving client interests, confidence, reliability, and knowing that somebody will be there to answer questions and help at the important times as an ally and loyal business partner.